Comenius-Projekt I Unser Projekt 2013-2015


All partners, namely Greece, Latvia, Germany, Turkey, Spain and France visited Cimpani, Romania between 11-15th of November, 2013. At the arrival, the Romanian teachers, parents and students showed so much of a warm and kind welcome at school and we held the socializing event. Just after the refreshment and the welcoming speech of the host teacher, Denisa, the host students and their parents met and took

their visitors their home.The day after, partners came to school and hung their logos and posters for the contest. Each school gave a presentation about their school and country, so that students and teachers had a chance to know each other more. After that, we all went to the community center of Cimpani and watched the great programme prepared by the host team.

During the programme, the partners had the opportunity to listen to both modern and traditional songs and watch folk dances. Not to mention, the coordinator, Apostolia Karra,

the headmaster of the host school and the mayor of Cimpani also gave a speech. We all went back to school then and finalized the logo & poster contest. Turkey's poster got number one among other posters by vote and Latvia's logo got number one among others in the same way.

Written by Tamer Ertangil

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